Build better products by developing better leaders and better teams.

I use coaching as a way to inspire ordinary people to make extraordinary products by aligning teams around delivering value and building products people love. I'm obsessed with customer outcomes & creating amazing customer experiences that solve real pain points. I connect the dots between Product, Engineering, Design, Customers, Data and Platforms.

I Build Better Product Teams, Cultures, Platforms, Communities, Leaders, People, Led Organizations, Best Practices, Operations, Value, Outcomes, Results


25+ product veteran

For over 25 years, I've built my career as a product manager, a product leader, coach, founder, speaker and community builder.  I've built products and global products teams in startups such as IdealHire, Aligo, and Allviant  as well as global brands such as SMART Technologies, Citrix and American Express

I’m transformational who loves to collaborate to get real work done and take action!  I thrive in a culture of learning, experimentation & iteration, challenging initiatives, data driven decisions and customer centricity. I believe you need to fail fast, but learn even faster.

My integrity, motivation, energy, and external perspectives are all important ingredients that allow me to lead teams that drive both business and customer outcomes.

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