Why Enrico Fermi is the Father of Product Management

Enrico Fermi was an Italian-American physicist who helped build the world’s first nuclear reactor. That’s not why I love him though. I…

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'>Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he's running for his old US Senate seat representing Alabama

It’s already clear that President Donald Trump’s enmity toward him, along with an established field of competitors, means he faces an uphill battle. …read more

'>People celebrated 'Calloween' by dressing up as controversial influencer Caroline Calloway, donning flower crowns and 'scammer' shirts

The Instagram influencer’s notoriety made for the perfect Halloween costume. Here are some of the best looks. …read more

【登壇・講演情報】2019–11–13 プロダクトマネージャーカンファレンス2019 に弊社CEO の小川が登壇いたします

2019年11月12日 (火) から 13日 (水) にかけて開催されるプロダクトマネージャーカンファレンス 2019(会場 : ベルサール渋谷ファースト)にて、弊社CEOの小川がセッション・スピーカーとして登壇いたします。

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'>Bernie Sanders shared his support for former Deadspin staffers after they resigned in protest over order to 'stick to sports'

Sanders said he stood with the workers who resigned from the company and “decided not to bow to the greed of private equity vultures.” …read more

'>'Good riddance': New York's governor responded to news that Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, declared himself a resident of Florida

A person close to the president told The New York Times that the reason the president changed his address was “primarily for tax purposes.” …read more

ON Fai

The SCARF model calls out 5 key areas that strongly influence human social interactions.

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'>Thousands of tourists line up for hours to climb Australia's sacred Uluru rock before it is permanently closed after years of disrespect from tourists

The massive rock in Australia’s Northern Territory is considered to be a sacred site to the Anangu people who have lived there for over 30,000 years. …read more

产品爱好者周刊:第 1 期(20191020)


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