An exploding whipped cream dispenser killed a French fitness star — here’s how it could have happened

French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger died after a whipped cream…
June 22, 2017/by jordanhm

Why the latest wave of terrorism will get worse before it gets better

The attacks in Manchester and London can be categorized as ‘newest’…
June 22, 2017/by jordanhm

There’s frightening new data on the effects of a blockbuster drug Wall Street loves to hate

Acthar's been controversial on Wall Street for a while, so new…
June 22, 2017/by jordanhm

Photos show former FBI director James Comey entering New York Times building in Manhattan for event

Comey was not visiting the New York Times newsroom.…
June 22, 2017/by jordanhm

Nestle is thinking about selling its US candy business

The business includes brands such as Butterfinger and BabyRuth.…
June 15, 2017/by jordanhm

The 3 plays from Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final that everybody will be talking about

Friday's top plays are Sidney Crosby giving PK Subban the business,…
June 8, 2017/by jordanhm

Wells Fargo Case Study

A modern enterprise web application designed to enhance Wells…
June 8, 2017/by jordanhm

A law in New Hampshire could be the first sign of a new era of voter suppression

Lawmakers accused college students and "people coming over the…
June 8, 2017/by jordanhm

Everything you wanted to know about the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest political Islamist group in the Arab world

It's the oldest political Islamist group in the Arab world. …
June 8, 2017/by jordanhm

Twitter data: 3.6 million Comey-related tweets were sent during the former FBI director’s testimony

Twitter was on fire for Comey. more
June 8, 2017/by jordanhm

US structures are glowing green in support of the Paris Agreement

"World: the Empire State stands with you." more
June 1, 2017/by jordanhm

The White House is asking the US Supreme Court to reinstate Trump’s travel ban

The ban sought to block travel to the US from six Muslim-majority…
June 1, 2017/by jordanhm
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